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Category: Technology

Five Things That Microsoft’s New CEO, Satya Nadella, Should Do Immediately

With a new CEO, it’s time for some changes.  There are probably a whole lot of things that Mr. Nadella should be doing right away, but I’ll start with 5 of them.  You have any other ideas, leave them in the comments.

1. Fix Desktop Windows

Really.  The Metro interface – or whatever it is called now – is a disaster on a large screen and should never have made it to the desktop OS.  On a big screen it looks like the Teletubbies might waddle their way across the screen at any moment.  It looks childish, it’s klunky, and I don’t want it on a computer that I use for work.

Is Metro nice on phones and tablets?  Yes, it is rather nice.  But I’m sure it wasn’t designed for a desktop and it should not be there.

Give us back the Start button the way it was, and for god’s sake get rid of the crap that floats out from the right side of my screen every time my mouse passes there…that is so annoying.

Without these gripes, Windows 8.x is actually pretty good.  So fix it and gain millions of customers.

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Deep-Sea Oil Spill Action

Oil spills being what they are – blights on the Earth – I have to say that watching the action almost 5,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico has become something of a ritual for me.

As I sit here right now, a wire-cutting machine is making its way through the riser tube on the top of the blowout preventer.  And through the cut that is being made, an absolute torrent of oil is coming forth.

Just a couple minutes ago @ 11:07PM:

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HDMI Cable Shenanigans

So last week I got a new TV.  It’s about time, as the set we had was almost beyond shame.

What the thing is is irrelevant to what I want to say, but safe to say it’s a flat panel LCD with several HDMI inputs on the back.

We had the cable people come out and give us a new HD cable box.  It’s got all manner of outputs on the back of it – cable, composite, s-video, component and HDMI.  I elected to go HDMI because I know it’s the only digital signal of the bunch and I thought it surely must allow the best picture quality. Continue reading HDMI Cable Shenanigans

Where is Our Say?

Yesterday a reprehensible piece of legislation was introduced in the Canadian House of Commons that stands to make millions of otherwise law-abiding Canadians criminals. It also stands to expose those same millions to lawsuits that could ruin lives, careers and families for the simple crime of shifting songs from a lawfully purchased CD to a lawfully purchased iPod or other device or storage format.  Welcome to the 21st Century, bitches.

The Federal Minister of Industry, Jim Prentice, says “This bill reflects a win-win approach.”

Just who will be doing all the winning with this is pretty clear. And it’s not me and you.

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Kicking the Oil Habit

So, just about everyone is coming around to the idea that we’re not going to have limitless crude Oil forever. To this revelation I say, Duh! There can only be so much of the stuff on the Globe, so, yes, it must eventually run out.

The fact is that we – as in Human Civilisation – may never actually run out of Oil, so much as what remains will be a luxury item that only those with wealth can afford.

Not to mention that, even today, most of the countries supplying Oil to the World are – at best – politically unstable, and – at worst – not friendly to the West.

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I’m a Mac

My romance with the Apple Macintosh began many years ago. Around 1985, I think, when I first got my mitts onto a 512K Macintosh. We had one in our High School computer lab, and I was the only student in my class that was even allowed to use it. I was allowed to use it as I had mastered the Apple II’s we used otherwise, but the irony was that it was much easier to use than an Apple II…and that seemed – to my advantage – to be unknown to our Apple II toting teachers.

Though that Mac 512 had a small Black&White screen, it was far superior to anything else then available…at least outside NASA. The dot-matrix ImageWriter printer with it could produce the best text I’d yet seen, and in all manner of faces, sizes and styles. What you saw on the screen was exactly what would print, and though WYSIWYG as a term has now fallen from use as it’s everywhere, at the time it was absolutely revolutionary.

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