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Category: Politics

Has Russia Bought Themselves Another Afghanistan?


We all know that Afghanistan didn’t go well for the Soviet Union when they invaded in 1979.  Indeed, it hasn’t gone all that well for us since we invaded in the aftermath of 9/11.  Certainly, there are lots of lessons we could have learned from the Soviet experience that I’m guessing we didn’t, and there are even more lessons that the Russia of today could have learned from our experiences there.
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An Open Letter to Xi Jinping, President of The People’s Republic of China

Dear President Xi Jinping,

Soft power. It’s a term we hear used now and then in the West, and it is something to be coveted. For outsiders to view your nation in a positive light is a good thing, not to be given up lightly.

These days, most of what we hear in the news about China relates to earthquakes, aircraft carriers, the South China Sea, Diaoyu, pollution, Taiwan, and so on. Not a lot of positive there.

I know China has more. One of the longest recorded histories and a proud people that have triumphed over great adversity. As a Canadian, I have great admiration for China and its abundantly rich history than you might think.
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Michelle Obama: Proud.

I can’t believe how much of a dustup has ensued from the following – seemingly inocuous – quotation:

“For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.” (CNN)

Regardless of your political affiliation, I don’t see how you could take this to mean that Mrs. Obama was ever anything but a proud American.

Did anyone on the right stop to consider what might actually be going through her mind?  And what it means?

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Where is Our Say?

Yesterday a reprehensible piece of legislation was introduced in the Canadian House of Commons that stands to make millions of otherwise law-abiding Canadians criminals. It also stands to expose those same millions to lawsuits that could ruin lives, careers and families for the simple crime of shifting songs from a lawfully purchased CD to a lawfully purchased iPod or other device or storage format.  Welcome to the 21st Century, bitches.

The Federal Minister of Industry, Jim Prentice, says “This bill reflects a win-win approach.”

Just who will be doing all the winning with this is pretty clear. And it’s not me and you.

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