Well, there were some funny ads in there this year for sure.  Seeing Roseanne Barr get t-boned by a swinging log is right up there, but I think the best commercial of them all – for lasting effect – is this one from Chrysler:

I just love the “Imported from Detroit” line. Says as much about an industry trying to rebuild and reinvent itself as any tagline I’ve ever seen.

Mister T, I think it’s about time you started an annual list of the Fools You Pity.

What with the passing of Richard “Mr.” Blackwell a couple years ago and the loss of his worst-dressed list, the time is ripe for you to step up with a New Year’s list of the Fools You Pity.

Just think of all the hilarity you could give to the World every year with a list of those you pity the most.  Actors, wannabe actors, politicians, public figures, people who died in strange ways like that cave guy, The Queen…really, you’ve got limitless material there.

If you need help writing it, I can be available.  But please, whatever you do, do this.


Oh, I love this.  Those of us who aren’t myopic have known for a long time that Fox “News” isn’t really news at all.

Of course, when Dubya was the President they were on his side.  Now that a Democrat is back in power, the Fox attack machine has really gone to town.  They say it’s a risky strategy for the White House to pursue, but I do think that it is something that has needed saying for a long time now.

And, hey, if we can make Glenn Beck cry about something that’s actually real, then we’re all better off.

So suck it, Fox.

I don’t know how many emails I’ve gotten from how many sources, but there seems to be one piece of the standard trailer on many, many emails that must have a common origin:

This e-mail and its attachments are confidential and intended for use by the above named recipient(s) only. If you are not the intended recipient, please note that any use, modification, dissemination, edition or reproduction (either in whole or partially) of this e-mail and/or its attachments, or of the information contained herein, is strictly prohibited. If you have received this e-mail by mistake, please notify the sender immediately, and immediately delete this e-mail with its attachments and any copy of it from your computer system.

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So last week I got a new TV.  It’s about time, as the set we had was almost beyond shame.

What the thing is is irrelevant to what I want to say, but safe to say it’s a flat panel LCD with several HDMI inputs on the back.

We had the cable people come out and give us a new HD cable box.  It’s got all manner of outputs on the back of it – cable, composite, s-video, component and HDMI.  I elected to go HDMI because I know it’s the only digital signal of the bunch and I thought it surely must allow the best picture quality.Continue reading

So the USA is up to $1.6 TRILLION dollars for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And that’s just the dollars that have been spent, to say nothing of the human toll that these wars have exacted – on all sides. And though we may mourn more deeply for those we have lost to this fight, we cannot forget the innocent lives that have needlessly been lost.

The object of fighting any War is to gain security. In this regard, I did and still do believe that we have done the right thing in Afghanistan. The right thing is not always the easy thing, but to deprive Al-Qaeda of their Taliban protectors and to attempt to return Afghanistan to the community of nations is a noble effort. We harbour no doubts that Afghanistan was the staging ground for numerous attacks, including those of September 11, 2001.

I also believe that the USA had to hit back after those attacks. To sit idle or to engage in protracted diplomacy would have sent the wrong message to those who would wish harm to the USA and its allies.

But Iraq, well, that’s an entirely different kettle of fish.
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This sketch is from “The Ronnie Johns Half-Hour”, a show on Australia’s Ten Network. They’ve done a lot of really funny stuff, but this sketch is perhaps one of the funniest I’ve ever seen.

Warning: Coarse language and hilarious sexual references.

This page gets close to 2,000 hits a month, mostly from people looking for pictures of Paris Hilton’s tits.  Don’t you know she doesn’t have any tits?

I don’t know why I harbour such disdain for poor old Paris Hilton. I mean, she’s got more money than perhaps even MC Hammer could spend. She’s even got her own illicit sex tape à la Pamela Anderson and now it looks like she’s gotten herself a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card, too!

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