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Will the Real Slim Shady Please Shoot Paris Hilton

This page gets close to 2,000 hits a month, mostly from people looking for pictures of Paris Hilton’s tits.  Don’t you know she doesn’t have any tits?

I don’t know why I harbour such disdain for poor old Paris Hilton. I mean, she’s got more money than perhaps even MC Hammer could spend. She’s even got her own illicit sex tape à la Pamela Anderson and now it looks like she’s gotten herself a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card, too!

Get out of jail free card

What I’m wondering is why some bad-ass gangsta doesn’t just go and bust a cap in [Probably NSFW] her ass? I mean, it wouldn’t be much to do…apparently there’s lots of ammunition in L.A.

Seriously, I hope they slap her back in jail. If she wasn’t so rich and/or she was black or hispanic or asian she probably would have gotten a lot more than 45 days to begin with. The USA has more people in jail than any other Western nation…they love putting people in the slammer. So why are they so allergic to putting famous people in the big house?

I say throw her in genpop and let some badass dykeasaurus make her toss some salad. That would certainly teach her something about life, wouldn’t it?

Really, I’m sick of Paris Hilton. Henceforth, anyone naming their children after a hotel should be stoned to death.

I was very pleased when the Associated Press announced that they would no longer cover anything about her, but it seems that they have been pulled back into the shitstorm anyway. It’s too bad, really, but I suppose they can’t ignore what people want to see.

Just why we want to see a walking piece of trash like Paris Hilton parade herself about in ever more inebriated style I don’t know. Is it the money? Is it the tits? I really don’t know.

But I do know one thing, and that’s when the day comes – and it will come – when Paris Hilton drops off the radar, I will probably be a whole lot happier while reading the days top stories. On to the next slut, America!

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  1. Renaldo Adelmann Renaldo Adelmann

    Paris Hilton just keep on doing your thing and don’t listen to those hater they just wish that they were you!

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