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Five Things That Microsoft’s New CEO, Satya Nadella, Should Do Immediately

With a new CEO, it’s time for some changes.  There are probably a whole lot of things that Mr. Nadella should be doing right away, but I’ll start with 5 of them.  You have any other ideas, leave them in the comments.

1. Fix Desktop Windows

Really.  The Metro interface – or whatever it is called now – is a disaster on a large screen and should never have made it to the desktop OS.  On a big screen it looks like the Teletubbies might waddle their way across the screen at any moment.  It looks childish, it’s klunky, and I don’t want it on a computer that I use for work.

Is Metro nice on phones and tablets?  Yes, it is rather nice.  But I’m sure it wasn’t designed for a desktop and it should not be there.

Give us back the Start button the way it was, and for god’s sake get rid of the crap that floats out from the right side of my screen every time my mouse passes there…that is so annoying.

Without these gripes, Windows 8.x is actually pretty good.  So fix it and gain millions of customers.

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I’m a Mac

My romance with the Apple Macintosh began many years ago. Around 1985, I think, when I first got my mitts onto a 512K Macintosh. We had one in our High School computer lab, and I was the only student in my class that was even allowed to use it. I was allowed to use it as I had mastered the Apple II’s we used otherwise, but the irony was that it was much easier to use than an Apple II…and that seemed – to my advantage – to be unknown to our Apple II toting teachers.

Though that Mac 512 had a small Black&White screen, it was far superior to anything else then available…at least outside NASA. The dot-matrix ImageWriter printer with it could produce the best text I’d yet seen, and in all manner of faces, sizes and styles. What you saw on the screen was exactly what would print, and though WYSIWYG as a term has now fallen from use as it’s everywhere, at the time it was absolutely revolutionary.

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