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Lake of Fire, Anyone?

I’m thirty-six years old. That means that my formative years were spent during the Cold War. While it wasn’t a real, ‘shooting’ war, the Cold War defined life both in the West and behind the Iron Curtain for two generations.

Make no mistake; the Soviet Union was a formidable enemy. As Communism dictates that the State controls the means of production, a Communist Government can produce whatever it wishes produced even at the expense of its own Citizenry.

So you end up with a country that has the largest naval fleet in the World, the most tanks and guns, arguably some of the best planes in the air and the most powerful rockets – whose own people have to line up for toilet paper.

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I’m a Mac

My romance with the Apple Macintosh began many years ago. Around 1985, I think, when I first got my mitts onto a 512K Macintosh. We had one in our High School computer lab, and I was the only student in my class that was even allowed to use it. I was allowed to use it as I had mastered the Apple II’s we used otherwise, but the irony was that it was much easier to use than an Apple II…and that seemed – to my advantage – to be unknown to our Apple II toting teachers.

Though that Mac 512 had a small Black&White screen, it was far superior to anything else then available…at least outside NASA. The dot-matrix ImageWriter printer with it could produce the best text I’d yet seen, and in all manner of faces, sizes and styles. What you saw on the screen was exactly what would print, and though WYSIWYG as a term has now fallen from use as it’s everywhere, at the time it was absolutely revolutionary.

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No War

I see that short phrase every day on the backpacks of schoolchildren, on stickers and placards and I’ve even seen it (with my own eyes) painted blood-red on the Sydney Opera House. No War.

But just like “Make Poverty History”, do the people wearing this slogan have any real idea what it would mean if we really and truly had No War?

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