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Category: Deep Thoughts

The Email Warning

I don’t know how many emails I’ve gotten from how many sources, but there seems to be one piece of the standard trailer on many, many emails that must have a common origin:

This e-mail and its attachments are confidential and intended for use by the above named recipient(s) only. If you are not the intended recipient, please note that any use, modification, dissemination, edition or reproduction (either in whole or partially) of this e-mail and/or its attachments, or of the information contained herein, is strictly prohibited. If you have received this e-mail by mistake, please notify the sender immediately, and immediately delete this e-mail with its attachments and any copy of it from your computer system.

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Where is Our Say?

Yesterday a reprehensible piece of legislation was introduced in the Canadian House of Commons that stands to make millions of otherwise law-abiding Canadians criminals. It also stands to expose those same millions to lawsuits that could ruin lives, careers and families for the simple crime of shifting songs from a lawfully purchased CD to a lawfully purchased iPod or other device or storage format.  Welcome to the 21st Century, bitches.

The Federal Minister of Industry, Jim Prentice, says “This bill reflects a win-win approach.”

Just who will be doing all the winning with this is pretty clear. And it’s not me and you.

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CanadaWestern law is entirely based on the premise that you may do whatever you wish, as long as it hurts no one else.

For all the volumes of laws and charters and everything else we have that defines what we are and are not allowed to do, that basic tenet rings true.

I love Canada. We don’t have the economic or industrial power of many countries, and we certainly don’t have the largest population or even the largest land mass. Canada doesn’t come first on very many lists of any consequence…though I’m not sure how many of those lists would be written by Canadians. Continue reading Accommodation?

Hillary, Give it Up Already

Dear Hillary,

I’d just like to thank you for running such a good campaign for the Democratic Nomination, at least up until a while back when you started talking about white people liking you more and blowing Iran off the map. Not that I necessarily disagree that there will come a time when Iran needs the rubber-hose treatment, but this isn’t the sort of thing a potential President should be saying.

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