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Welcome to Cold War II

With the current goings on in Ukraine, military bases surrounded and tough words being spoken and printed by various world leaders – including our own – it’s pretty clear that Putin still has some old Soviet muscles he wants to flex.

I don’t think we’ll actually go to war any more this time than we did the last time around, but a belligerent Russia certainly does complicate the global landscape. We will certainly have to increase our readiness at a time when the economies of the west are hurting, and what this will do to us all I’m really not sure. It probably won’t be good.

Indeed, we might find a good ally in China through all of this. I’m sure they don’t want their neighbourhood hosting a new Soviet Union any more than we do.

Unless Russia backs out of all of this in pretty quick time and allows everyone to tone down the rhetoric, I think that a great many things will be sets upon an irreversible course.

So, welcome to Cold War II, folks. You can take off your coat, I think we’ll be here a while.

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