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Privacy – So What?

So my illusion of privacy – which I have apparently been subliminally tending over these many years – is no more. There is no privacy.

I’ve mentioned this to a few people and very nearly all of them have seemed unimpressed. It is as though they don’t care for their own privacy any longer, and I believe it’s because they don’t understand what that actually represents. You can’t have a free society without personal privacy.

Journalistic freedom – once considered sacrosanct – is effectively gone. Anyone can be arrested or detained without charge. Police taser and shoot people seemingly at will for poor to no reason and get off scot free. I can’t walk down the street without being caught on video, I can’t drive anywhere without my license plate being recorded, I can’t surf the web, send an email, make a phone call or send a smoke signal without it being recorded somewhere. Government has all the power and we, the people who are supposed to be from whence that power emanates, have none.

And we gave all of this up willingly through our own fear.

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