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WikiLeaks – A Force For Good?

North Korea is Best KoreaLast week, I was probably one of many who thought that WikiLeaks might be going too far with their release of US diplomatic cables.  I was worried that there would be stuff in there that was going to get people killed.

Sure, there’s some frank assessments of World leaders in there, and maybe some embarrassing stuff…like Gadhaffi’s cadre of hot nurses, and Silvio Berlusconi being up Putin’s arse about as far as he can get.  On the whole (pun intended) I think it’s giving us a peek into a place that normally us mere mortals would never get to tread.  It’s exciting armchair-espionage at its very best.

The thing that’s totally changed my attitude are the revelations about North Korea, and how it is viewed by China.  We’ve always thought that China was a staunch ally of the DPRK, perhaps the only thing keeping it afloat.  And now we find out that the Chinese have had quite enough of Pyongyang, thank you very much.

They’re all for Korean reunification, as long as the New Korea was not aggressive toward them.  And, really, why would they be?  The Korean electronics powerhouse, now with more cheap labour that would be just so happy to have something to eat, right on China’s doorstep?  I couldn’t think of a more beneficial arrangement if I tried.

So we found that out through the cables, but that’s all rather unofficial.  But, of course, the Chinese have seen their chance and have now publicly stated that this is correct.

I’m now firmly in the camp that believes WikiLeaks is a force for good in the World.  If it forces a resolution on the Korean Peninsula – bloody or not – I believe we will all be better off.  (Yes, it might be bloody, but I don’t think any of us can reasonably say that it doesn’t have to happen sooner or later.)

Bye, bye, Kim Jong-il and Kim jong-un.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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