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Stompin’ Tom – Canadian Legend

Had a conversation with a friend earlier today and Big Joe Mufferaw came up for some reason.  Reminded me of Stompin’ Tom and just how great a Canadian the man is.

I used to watch Stompin’ Tom on the Tommy Hunter Show years ago. Brings back such good memories of the family crowded around the TV on a Sunday. I suppose everyone waxes lyrical about their “good ol’ days”, and these are mine.

And, for your viewing enjoyment, one of his masterpieces:

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  1. Ben Ben

    This is a pretty cool performance. Did know we had this kind of entertainer in Canada! haha! Our Canadian Johnny Cash!

    • Ben, if you weren’t French Canadian, I think we’d have to kick you out of the country.

  2. Murray Murray

    I used to watch too and still have a spot for the musicians (and music) of that show!

    Thanks for the reminder.

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