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Is President Obama Infallible?

Hope by Shepard Fairey
"HOPE" by Shepard Fairey

I read in the news today that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has now decided that CO2 is a pollutant that needs to be regulated, and that they’re going to do just that.  It was only two years ago that Bush quashed a similar push.

This is only the latest in an absolute flurry of tectonic shifts away from the policies of the Bush Administration.  It seems that it’s almost every single day that some old policy is nullified, exposed or outright revoked.  It is as though America – with President Obama at the helm – is entering a new age of enlightenment.  Can you tell I’m excited?

Already this week he gave Cuba (and Cuban-Americans) something to cheer for, released Bush-era documents that justified torture – while rightly saying that those who followed the bad advice would not be prosecuted, and announced plans for a national high-speed rail network.  Today it’s CO2, and somewhere in there the First Family managed to get a new dog!

Add this onto everything he’s done since he took office, and if it wouldn’t kill me I swear my head would actually spin right off.

One thing I’ll remind you of, dear reader, is that I’m Canadian.  During the eight years of Bush – beginning, fittingly enough, with a stolen election – I had thought America was all puffed out.  An old power, past its prime, that would just have to learn to take a new place in the World.

Well, America will certainly take a new place in the World, but for sure it won’t be anything less.  President Barack Obama most definitely has what it takes to get it done, and I say good on him.  He is exactly what America needs to pull itself away from fear and xenophobia, and toward enlightenment and justice.

What is good for the USA is good for me, so I say GOBAMA, and GO the 21st Century Renaissance!

Update:  CNN is saying that President Obama may be the “Superpresident“, and I couldn’t agree more.

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