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Where is Our Say?

Yesterday a reprehensible piece of legislation was introduced in the Canadian House of Commons that stands to make millions of otherwise law-abiding Canadians criminals. It also stands to expose those same millions to lawsuits that could ruin lives, careers and families for the simple crime of shifting songs from a lawfully purchased CD to a lawfully purchased iPod or other device or storage format.  Welcome to the 21st Century, bitches.

The Federal Minister of Industry, Jim Prentice, says “This bill reflects a win-win approach.”

Just who will be doing all the winning with this is pretty clear. And it’s not me and you.

Bll C-61 has all the hallmarks of being written by lobbyists. American lobbyists. Through the”process” of writing this bill, neither Industry Canada nor Mr. Prentice have held any public consultations or met with any Canadian industry groups that might be affected by this legislation. No public consultations at all. At the same time, meetings with American industry lobbyists have been free-flowing.  Canadian associations and industry as well as legal experts have expressly requested meetings about this, and all have been denied.  Just what the hell is that about?  Who do you work for, Jim Prentice?

Are we the 51st fucking state, already? Does our government have to kowtow to everything that the US government – and US business – wants? The only “Canadian” groups that support this – ACTRA and CRIA – are American puppets anyway.

And how is it that we keep coming back to this?  How is it that conservative governments in this country continually introduce – and ram through with some success – such unpopular pieces of legislation?  Think back to Free Trade, the GST,  Meech Lake…the list goes on…until we get to the current capstone of this rotting pile of faeces wesee labelled as copyright “reform”?

Seriously, the Liberal Sponsorship Scandal was a big deal, but when you stack that up against the towering pile of shit that has been forced upon us by our Conservative governments … the mind just boggles.

To Mr. Prentice: Any government that passes legislation that changes the status quo so starkly and revokes hard-won rights is going to be fought. I can bloody well guarantee you whose campaign I won’t be volunteering for and donating to at the next go-round. Serve your people, serve their interests, and don’t turn millions of us into instant criminals simply because we own iPods and like to take music with us.  You, sir, are – in my opinion – no better than a weasel.

Makes you wonder what ol’ Jim will be doing for a living when he’s through with politics…nice cushy job with CRIA, perhaps?  And let’s not forget his partner in crime, Heritage Minister Josée Verner, who is every bit as guilty in this.

Anyone concerned with this further erosion of rights should visit the nerve-center of opposition to this: Michael Geist.

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