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Taser Report Delayed? Leak it!

From CBC:

Okay, now it’s all gone too far.  I call shenanigans on this sorry damn excuse of a Federal Government, and I especially call out Stockwell “Doris” Day for delaying a report so that he might put some of his own spin on it before it gets released.

I don’t think there could be one single, solitary, non-bullshit reason given by any sane person to justify delaying such an anticipated report for any period of time at all…let alone for SIX DAYS.

Obviously, there’s something in there that very much concerns our Mr. Day.

I call upon anyone in possession of a copy of this report to leak it to the media immediately.  Do your own conscience a favour and do your country a service by releasing this report before Doris puts his stamp on it.  Please.

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