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Hillary, Give it Up Already

Dear Hillary,

I’d just like to thank you for running such a good campaign for the Democratic Nomination, at least up until a while back when you started talking about white people liking you more and blowing Iran off the map. Not that I necessarily disagree that there will come a time when Iran needs the rubber-hose treatment, but this isn’t the sort of thing a potential President should be saying.

A potential President shouldn’t be saying anything that absolutely anyone would like to hear. Sure, it’s nice to propose a gas tax holiday…but does anyone really believe that gas would actually be any cheaper during this period? If you make the oil companies pay the tax, where oh where do you think they will get the money to do that? It’s a really really stupid idea. And it’s beneath you.

A potential President shouldn’t be going on TV saying that they don’t agree with “elitists” and the elite of society, and that you think you’re not elite. If you’re not elite, why in blue blazes do you think you should be President? We’ve all seen in the last eight years what you get when you put an uneducated, privileged boob in the White House – does anyone really want another President that doesn’t know his or her head from their ass? The President should be elite. The President should know more than the rest of us. And, as a highly-educated, privileged, talented woman, you should know better.

But now you’re doing damage to the party you hold dear. By staying in the race when attention has already shifted from you to Obama vs. McCain, and stubbornly hanging on, you detract from the very message you have espoused for so long. If you did somehow manage to secure the nomination after all that has happened, I would bet that McCain would be the next President. All the things you’ve said from State to State to pander to their local interests would be shown to clash, and you would be painted as indecisive and insincere. At least Obama has stuck to his guns and stayed on-message since the beginning. It’s why he’s beaten you.

In the coming days your campaign will hit harder on the supposed sexism against you and, perhaps, also notch up the black/white rhetoric just a little bit more. And these will be sad days.

I think we all know how much you want to be President. Well, how about Secretary of State? Give it up now and try again the next time around. Maybe a stint as Secretary-General of the UN would do you some good. If you keep going there will be no room for you in an Obama Government.

Maybe America isn’t ready for a woman to be President. Maybe it is. We won’t know for a while, because people have already decided that you are not going to be the President. And it likely has very little to do with your being female. Until recently, I believe people had a great deal of respect for you – even your opponents.

So get out while you still can. Get out while you still have at least a shred of dignity left. Get out and hold your head high in knowing that you’ve gotten farther into the contest than most people could ever dream. And know that you’re the first woman to ever actually win a single primary, let alone as many as you have. For a while it looked like you’d make it, and in doing that I think you broke the glass ceiling just by hitting up against it, as no woman before you had ever done.

Congratulations, and condolences,
Daryl Dean

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