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Olympic Boycott

Nobody seems to be saying this outright yet, so I’ll say it for all of us that are thinking it:

Let’s boycott the Beijing Olympics.

I know that it would be a huge disappointment for all those athletes that are training so hard in order to compete at the highest level. And I know that, in most cases, people devote their lives to the pursuit of their sport. And I certainly know how enjoyable it is to watch these people perform at the very limit of human capability. But I can wait another 4 years, and I would hope that those athletes that could not do the same would at least understand that we are doing this for a higher purpose.

The Olympics is a feel-good endeavour for the planet, so let’s not contribute to the glory of a nation that sees fit to trample its own people’s rights beneath the boots of their soldiers.

We’ve seen Tiananmen Square, we know about forced abortion, and we know about reeducation through labor. And there’s lots, lots more.

We also know that Tibet is currently going through mass unrest and that scores of people have been killed for what we in the West would merely consider to be their opinion. And I believe that any reasonable persons among us would want it stopped immediately.

The IOC should never have awarded an Olympics to a nation with such a poor track record of treatment of its’ own people. None of us should seek to bring international prestige to China, and by boycotting their Olympics we can serve them a strong rebuke that they could not possibly sweep under the rug.

Canadian Flag So I say that Canada, as a defender of Basic Human Rights, should boycott the Beijing Olympics and urge other nations to do the same.

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  1. David Ex Athlete David Ex Athlete

    My dear fellow canadian how wrong you are…

    Why should athletes stand for what the IOC did not? These reports on the problems that are plaging China where there years ago! The IOC did not take this decision ligthly and frankly I’m appalled to that they chose china in the first place. The only thing that will happend if we and other country boycott the Olympic is to penalyse the ATHLETES not China. If we do Boycott, China will go on with even more repretion and will close itself from others bringing more pain and suffering for its people.

    What the olympics will bring in China is tousands of reporters, TV broadcast and other journalist to CHINA and show CHINA in what I hope will be it’s true form. Just like it happend so many decades ago in Berlin! That event showed Germany to the world back then and opened eyes to the horribles things that where starting to happen back then. I hope that this event now will be doing the same to China. Show it’s government true evil nature…

    So you see the Athletes should be praised to bring Honor and courage just like Jesse Owens did in 1936 in Berlin… If you ask Athletes to do what we could not do then ask yourslef this question…. HOW MANY CHINA MADE OBJECTS DO YOU OWN? If you realy want to Boycott something let’s start by changing our spending habbits and we will hurt them way more than not allowing our nations best to compete fairly.


    Ex me…

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