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Deep Thought of the Month

Posit: God is omnipotent. All knowing, all seeing. God knows everything about everything, all that has been, all that is and all that will ever be. Christianity teaches this as the very basis of existence itself, and if you believe in God, you must accept this to be the absolute truth.

In the Christian tradition, we are also taught that God has given Mankind free will. The ability to make our own choices and to determine our own destiny. That there is no destiny, other than what we make for ourselves.

As Adam chose to bite the apple in the Garden of Eden, so are we all free to choose what we will do, and if that will be good or evil. But if God knows everything, then he must have known that Adam would bite the apple. Even before the apple that Adam would bite, or the teeth that Adam would bite with, were created.

Johnnie CochranIf Johnnie Cochran were still alive, I’d say he could make a pretty good argument that the fall of Man was God’s fault. Because if God hadn’t created Eve then she couldn’t have tempted Adam and therefore the creation of Eve was contributory negligence.

But I digress. If God knows everything about everything and all that has been, is, and will ever be, then he must have known everything that would ever be even before he set about to create the Heavens and the Earth. Before anything even existed, God knew the outcome of the whole stinking morass.

So where’s free will in this? If God knew, before the dawn of time, exactly everything that would happen everywhere, including the choices I would make along the way, then how can we say there is no destiny?

It follows that anyone that believes they have no destiny – that they truly control their own life – must not believe in God, for only without a God in control of the Universe can there be anything happen that was not known in advance.

So, either the path that we (and everything else, alive or not) take through existence is completely known in advance and thus predetermined, or there is no God.

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  1. Ed Daigle Ed Daigle

    If you apply M theory to God’s omnipotence (as if law instead of theory), obviously he can see all branes (membranes) thus knows all while allowing for free will in each brane. Seeing all branes (possibilities) means destiny does not exist, but for a specific brane destiny is assured. Not mucking with a brane, just might be His way of giving free will. And if you understand this, your just as mad as I am… 🙂 for the humor impaired.

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