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Real Predictions for 2007

Here are some things that I think really will happen this year. Yep, really. If you don’t believe me, come back in a year and see how much I get right:

  • The United States will go to war with Iran. Whether an Israeli first-strike on Iran factors into this is a bit muddy, but I believe the U.S. leadership is itching for this and that the recent buildup in the area points to that.
  • Afghanistan will become more of a problem.
  • In line with the current policy of appeasement, Kim Jong Il will get what he wants, and he’ll also get to keep his nukes.
  • Russia will once again officially become a dictatorship. It’s already there for the most part, but no one has said it.
  • I always knew that Hilary Clinton was going to run for President, but over the next year she will develop into the clear Democrat front-runner. Barack Obama will fade back to his regular job, and Rudy Giuliani may stand for the Republicans. If he does, then we will have a real race.
  • Nothing will be done about Global Warming, except perhaps for lots of speeches by those politicians and others with no real power.
  • The United States will use a nuclear weapon. At least one, but most likely more. I’d say a smaller (tactical) weapon, but the response to this first attack might necessitate the use of a much larger airburst weapon. Who these get dropped on is up for debate, but I’d say the smart money is on Iran.
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